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How To Fight Balding: Medication Vs. Hair Transplants

Balding is something you may have teased your dad, grandpa, or uncle about when you were a kid or teenager, but if you are experiencing balding now, then the joke may feel like it's on you. Although you can succumb to having a bald head and just embrace it, if you aren't there just yet then there are a few treatment options that you may want to consider. Depending on how severe your hair loss is and how aggressive you want to be when treating it, you may want to either consider medication or a hair transplant. 


When you first start to experience signs of balding or hair thinning, it may be treatable with oral or topical medication. For instance, there are medications that are known to stimulate hair growth, and there are medications that help with the hormonal causes of hair loss. During your initial appointment with your doctor, they will briefly examine your scalp and determine which (if any) medication will help you combat balding. 

Hair Transplant

Another option that you have is a multi-therapeutic hair transplant. There are two main types of multi-therapeutic hair transplants: FUT and FUE. 

FUT: A follicular unit transplant is the most common type of transplant, and it has been around for years. During this process, a section of skin with hair follicles will be removed from your head. After it has been removed, small groups of tissues will be separated and then transplanted into areas of your scalp that are balding or thinning. The only issue with this type of transplantation is that it leaves patients with a fairly noticeable scar on the back of the scalp or wherever the skin was removed. 

FUE: A follicular unit extraction is a very similar type of transplantation surgery, but instead of having to extract a section of skin, the doctor just removes individual hair follicles from the head and then implants those into the part of the scalp that is balding or thinning. Even though this process tends to take a lot more time because it's so tedious, some patients prefer it because it doesn't result in any type of scarring. 

Even though you may think there is no good news for balding, there is: it can be treated. If you want to learn more about medication or hair transplantation surgery to deal with balding, reach out to a trusted provider near you today. 

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