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A Non-Surgical Nose Job Could Give You The Nose Shape You Want Without Going Under The Scalpel

If you're not happy with the shape of your nose and you don't want to undergo rhinoplasty and suffer through the recovery period, then talk to a cosmetic physician about having a non-surgical nose job. This procedure can change the shape of your nose, and no surgery is required. Here's how this cosmetic procedure works.

A Non-Surgical Nose Job Uses Dermal Fillers

Instead of using the scalpel, a doctor can transform the appearance of your nose with dermal fillers. These are injected strategically into your nose to create a new shape. The first treatment is often with a short-lived or reversible filler so you can see the results and decide if love the way your nose looks. After that, you might have a long-lasting or permanent filler depending on what your doctor offers.

Dermal Fillers Can Improve Many Imperfections

Dermal fillers can improve many kinds of nose imperfections, but it doesn't work on everything. Some conditions will require a traditional surgical rhinoplasty. However, dermal fillers can improve bumps, lift the tip of your nose, straighten your nose, and even create the effect of a size change.

Don't assume a non-surgical nose job won't be able to help you because you feel your nose is too big. By injecting filler in the right places, the doctor can create an illusion that your nose is actually smaller than it is. Talk to a doctor who provides these treatments to see if dermal fillers can give you the nose shape you desire.

The Procedure Is Quick

A non-surgical nose job is considered a lunch-hour cosmetic procedure because it can be done quickly and you can go about your normal activities right after your appointment. You'll usually need multiple injections, but the injections may contain anesthetic so they aren't too painful. Your doctor might also numb the area or use ice to keep you comfortable.

While you might go right back to work after the procedure, you might have some redness, tenderness, or slight bruising. You should notice a change in your nose right away, but it might take several days to appreciate the full effect of the dermal fillers.

A Non-Surgical Nose Job Has Advantages

A non-surgical nose job has many advantages over surgical rhinoplasty. One of the main drawbacks of traditional surgery is the long recovery time. There is no downtime when you have a non-surgical procedure. Plus, you won't have pain or much discomfort.

Another benefit of a non-surgical approach is that the fillers aren't permanent until you decide with your doctor to use the permanent kind. Until then, you can reverse the implants or just wait for them to fade if you don't like the way your new nose looks.

For more information about a non-surgical nose job, contact a local provider, like Desert Bloom Skin Care.

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