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Good Times To Take Your Child In For Their First Boy's Hair Cut

There's no set time period for your son to get their first boy's haircut at the hair salon. Some people begin taking their children in for their first professional boy's cut when they are still infants. However, other parents often let their children keep their cute curls or adorable long locks for years. It's sometimes the child who eventually asks for their first professional boy's haircut, and sometimes it is something else that prompts a parent to bring their child in. Here are some examples of times when you may want to go ahead and take your child to the salon for that first boy's haircut: 

They Keep Asking for a Haircut 

Younger children may not realize just how permanent a haircut is. So, if you feel that even though your child is asking for a haircut, that they would probably want their hair back shortly after, then you may decide to wait a while. Explain to your child how once their hair gets cut, it will be gone, and they won't be able to get it back if they want it. They will instead have to wait for it to grow back, and this can take a long time. Once you feel your child has a full understanding of this, and they continue asking, then you may decide it's time to take them for their first real haircut. 

They are Starting School and there is a Dress Code

If your child is going to a school that has a dress code, then there may be requirements regarding how long their hair is allowed to be. This is generally more often seen in some private schools. Sometimes, it will be specified that the hair should be kept at a length that is above the collar. If your child is starting a school with a dress code like this, then you may want to take them in to get their first hair cut shortly before the first day. That way, they can start school with a nice, fresh new boy's cut. 

Their Hair is Harder to Maintain

If your child's hair is getting harder and harder to brush, then this can be difficult for both of you. It can take a lot of time and effort on your part to keep their hair brushed and prevent it from tangling. It can also be hard on your child because it can hurt their head. If this is happening, then this might be a good time to take them in.

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