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Navigating An IV Infusion When You're Scared Of Needles

IV infusion therapy is becoming more and more common. Clinics are offering hydrating IVs for people who want to recover faster from illness, increase athletic performance, or just support their overall health. But what if you are afraid of needles? Then, getting an IV becomes a little more complicated. That does not mean it is not something you should do if you are feeling drawn to the benefits. It just means you might need to take a few extra steps and follow the steps below in order to make the process of getting an IV infusion more approachable and less scary.

Visit the clinic ahead of time

Often, a fear of needles really stems from unfamiliarity or fear of the unknown. Even if you know it is irrational, you may worry that something bad will happen at the IV clinic or after the needle is inserted into your arm. Visiting the IV clinic prior to your own appointment can help put these worries to rest. Call the clinic and ask if you can visit ahead of time. They may be willing to give you a tour and even let you watch an IV session — with the patient's permission, of course. Knowing what to expect can help calm your fears.

Bring a friend with you

When the time comes for your IV session, bring a friend with you. Ask them to talk to you and distract you while the IV is being put in your arm. It only takes a second for the IV to be inserted, and most people only feel a pinching sensation when it happens. So, if your friend can keep you thinking about something else for even a few minutes, you can get past the hard part.

Focus on the benefits

Sometimes, you can get past fear by restructuring your thinking to focus on the positives. So, every time you start thinking fearfully about the IV needle, replace those thoughts with thoughts about the benefits of an IV. Concentrate on how hydrated you're going to feel afterwards. Think about how much more energized you'll be, or how your body is going to bounce back faster than ever after that cold you just had.

Being afraid of needles can make it harder to get an IV infusion, but it does not have to keep you out of the IV clinic. If you follow the tips above, you can persist and get the treatment you desire. For more information on IV infusion therapy, contact a professional near you.

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