how to protect your youthful glow

Getting Ready For Chemo: Should You Wear A Cold Cap?

Preparing for chemotherapy can be an emotionally challenging process. Most of the preparation you'll need to do is mental and emotional. You'll want to take time to relax and focus and to talk to your family members about what's to come. You also need to make some decisions, however. One of those decisions is whether or not you'll wear a cold cap during chemo. A cold cap is a cooling device that some patients wear on their heads during chemo. Read More 

How Men Can Find An Excellent Hairstylist

Almost everyone knows the pain of a bad haircut. Even though hair grows back, it can be embarrassing walking around with a haircut that's less than flattering. Unfortunately, a good haircut can be hard to find. Here are four criteria you can use to find a hairstylist who can provide excellent men's haircut services: 1. Look for someone who comes highly recommended. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a good hairstylist. Read More 

How To Fight Balding: Medication Vs. Hair Transplants

Balding is something you may have teased your dad, grandpa, or uncle about when you were a kid or teenager, but if you are experiencing balding now, then the joke may feel like it's on you. Although you can succumb to having a bald head and just embrace it, if you aren't there just yet then there are a few treatment options that you may want to consider. Depending on how severe your hair loss is and how aggressive you want to be when treating it, you may want to either consider medication or a hair transplant. Read More 

Why Is Noninvasive Body Contouring Popular?

Whether it is done by dieting, healthy eating, or weight loss surgery, more people are conscientious about losing weight than ever before. However, after substantial weight loss, it is not uncommon for excess skin to be evident on the body. While excess skin can be surgically removed, some people prefer not going through such an extensive procedure. Many have found that having noninvasive body contouring is a safer way to get rid of excess skin. Read More 

Why Try A Hair Replacement Program?

You are worried about hair loss, and whether you have minor or more noticeable hair loss or you are young or older, you don't want to have to worry about thinning hair. Lots of people have this same concern and go to great lengths to protect their tresses and keep them safe. Why should you try a hair replacement program? This type of service may be great for you in many ways and can help you restore some hair loss before it gets to be too extreme. Read More 

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how to protect your youthful glow

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