how to protect your youthful glow

How To Explain What Haircut You Want To Your Stylist

It's very exciting to get a haircut that is exactly what you wanted. However, it can be difficult to explain to your hair cutting service exactly what you want. Fortunately, there are some guidelines you can follow. Bringing a Picture One option is to simply bring a picture to your stylist that shows the type of haircut you want. By doing this, you will be able to avoid any ambiguities. However, not all hairstyles work for every person and you'll want to also bring several other things up. Read More 

Why It’s Nice To Get A Professional Beard Shave Once In A While

Most men commonly shave their own beards. It's probably not practical to go to a professional every time you need to shave. However, there are some distinct benefits associated with seeing a professional for a beard shave every now and then. Here are a few key reasons why it's nice to have a barber shave your beard at least every few months. You get a closer shave Even with the best razor and lots of practice, it's hard to duplicate a close, professional shave at home. Read More 

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how to protect your youthful glow

Do you have the glowing skin that all of the celebrities seem to have? If not, you are a lot like I used to be. I never paid much attention to the appearance and health of my skin. That was until I read an article about how my skin is going to age more rapidly because I didn't do anything to take care of it during my youthful years. From that moment on, I have taken vitamins, applied moisturizers and taken preventative measures to stop aging before it reaches the point where it is difficult to reclaim the youthful glow. Go to my site to find out what you can do to protect your youthful glow for many years.