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Skin Conditions With Signs That Mimic Skin Cancer

If you have ever had skin cancer or are afraid you might develop it, you may feel scared each time you see a strange spot on your skin. While skin cancer is often hard to diagnose just by looking, it's important to know that there are skin disorders that resemble, or mimic, skin cancer. Here are several different skin conditions that can look like skin cancer but are usually not.


Neoplasms are growths within the skin that usually are not cancerous; however, there are times they are. Neoplasms occur when tissue in the skin starts dividing faster than usual. The result of this is a growth that is typically visible on the skin. A mole is one example of a growth that fits into the category of a neoplasm, but there are other types of marks you may see that can also fall into this category.

If you see any strange growth, such as a mole, you may want to get it checked out by a doctor, especially if it suddenly appeared. While there is a good chance it might be a benign neoplasm, there is also a chance it could be some type of cancerous growth.


Granulomas are best known for being located inside the lungs, but that is not always the case. They can also be found on the skin on most parts of the body, and they are inflammation found in tissue. In most cases, granulomas are not cancerous; however, there are times they can be.

When granulomas are located on the skin, they appear as bumps. The bumps might be flesh-colored or red, and they will often be located only on your feet or hands. They typically are not anything to worry about, though; however, you might want to have a doctor check them if they do not go away.


If you ever get a weird open wound on your body that resembles a crater or hole in your skin, you might instantly think that it is cancer. While there are times it can be, in many cases, these types of skin issues are ulcers. Ulcers are usually benign, though, and they can result from many things, such as infections or blood flow problems.

Ulcers can look really bad, and they might even scare you if you develop one or more on your body. If you are not sure what it is, visit a clinic to have it checked out. If it is an ulcer, it will typically heal on its own over time, but your doctor might recommend putting some type of ointment on it to prevent it from becoming infected. Ulcers can appear anywhere on the body, including the hands, feet, arms, and stomach.


One other skin disorder or problem that can resemble skin cancer is an infection. Any type of infection found inside the body can cause you to develop a fever and other problems. When an infection is located on the skin, it can cause redness, inflammation, and other symptoms.

Boils are a good example of a common type of skin infection. A boil develops when bacteria gets inside a hair follicle. When this happens, it can form a lump under the skin, and the lump is filled with blood and pus. Within a few days, it will usually pop and start draining. Boils can be very painful, but they are not cancerous in most cases.

If you discover any type of weird growth on your skin, it might be worth getting it checked out. If it isn't cancerous, your doctor can help you find a way to treat it. To learn more about this, visit a doctor, like one from Vail Dermatology, that specializes in skin disorders. 

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