how to protect your youthful glow

Not Happy With The Look Of Your Hands? 4 Ways To Grow Long, Healthy Nails

When you look down at your hands, you want to see long, healthy nails. That's not always an easy feat to accomplish, especially when you live an active life. You don't always have the time to dedicate to your nails. Luckily, there are some things you can do right at home to help protect your nails.

Allow Your Cuticles to Grow

When it comes to nail care, many people begin with the cuticles. That usually includes trimming the cuticles, or pushing them back away from the nail. Unfortunately, manipulating the cuticles can introduce infection to the nail beds, which can cause severe damage to the nails themselves. To protect your nail bed, prevent infection, and allow your nails to grow long and healthy, you should allow the cuticles to grow naturally.

Keep Your Nail Beds Supple

If your nails are dull and brittle, they could need additional moisture. One way to restore moisture, and keep your nail beds supple, is to use an oil treatment about once a week. Wash your hands, and pat them dry with a soft cloth. Apply a drop of olive oil to each of your nails, and massage the oil into your nail beds. Place a warm towel over your hands, and allow the oil to soak into your nails for about 15 minutes. Rinse your hands with warm water, and pat them dry with your soft cloth.

Go Gentle with the Emery Boards

If you have orange, cardboard emery boards in nail care kit, you may be damaging your nails. Those rough emery boards can create nearly-invisible cracks in your nails that can lead to more severe damage, such as breaking and splitting. To avoid damage to your nails, always use fine emery boards on your nails.

Watch the Detergents

You might not realize this, but the shampoos and detergents you use could be too harsh for your nails. This is particularly true if you use antibacterial cleansers on a regular basis. Using harsh shampoos and detergents can dry out your nails, and damage the delicate cuticles. To protect your nails, use gloves when washing dishes, and using household cleaners. You should also use mild shampoos on your hair. It's also important that you apply a moisturizer each time you use detergents.

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how to protect your youthful glow

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