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Want Gorgeous Hair Without The Wait? Five Benefits Of Clip-In Extensions

Hair is one of those things that women are constantly trying to make better. You get a bad haircut, you have to wait to grow it out. Your hair is fine, you have to figure out how to make it fuller. Your hair is fried from too many perms or chemical treatments, you may have to cut it short and wait for it to grow out. The trouble is, most women are not willing to wait because they want beautiful hair now. Hair extensions, specifically clip in extensions, give you instantly gorgeous hair without the wait, but that is not their only benefit. Here are five more benefits for clip in extensions.

Put Them in, Take Them Out

The very first time that you have clip-in hair extensions, a beautician will have to put them in for you. Then you can see how it is done. After that, you could do the job yourself because every extension has a clip or comb that clips or attaches to your natural hair much like a barrette or any hair comb would. You can even play around with your extensions by clipping them into the front of your head and leaving the back of your head alone. Lots of different hair styles can be done in your own home simply by clipping and unclipping the extensions from your hair.

No Pain

Other hair extension procedures involve sitting in a beautician's chair for hours while he/she sews the extensions into small braids around your scalp. If someone pulls on these extensions, it is intensely painful, and you will lose a lot of your own hair if you try to take these extensions out on your own. With clip-ins, there is virtually no pain because yanking on a clip-in causes it to come out on its own without taking your natural hair with it. You can remove them, pain-free, by yourself, too.

No Destruction to Your Own Hair

Perms, chemical treatments, relaxers, and styling tools all damage your hair. Over time, it looks horrible, but the only way to fix it naturally is to let it grow out and keep cutting it back. While your hair is trying to get healthy again, you can use the clip-in extensions to make your hair look healthy and perfect. Additionally, clip-in extensions will never do any more damage to your hair, which makes them an ideal solution in these situations.

Try a Different or Exotic Color on for Size

Instead of using chemically-based hair color, and then not liking the results, you can use clip-in extensions to try on a different hair color. You can even try extensions that are a very different color from your own and make it look like you are "chunking" or "streaking" to produce a two-toned head of hair. If you want to try something really exotic, choose electric blue, hot pink, purple, vibrant red, ombre, or other unusual hair colors via clip-in extensions first. This is a very good way to see what looks good on you without having to commit to something long-term and risk damaging your hair.

Wash and Wear

Clip-in hair extensions are "wash and wear." You can wash them just like regular hair, and if you get the real human hair clip-ins, you can even style them like real hair too. The real hair ones cost a bit more, but their versatility makes them extremely popular with a lot of women. Best of all, any time you do not like them or do not want to wear them anymore, just unclip the clip extensions or pull the comb extensions out. 

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how to protect your youthful glow

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