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In Style Ahead Of Time: Fall/Winter 2018 Retro Hair Trends You Should Look Forward To

The sun may be high in the sky now, but it won't be long until the leaves start turning colors, the temperature starts dropping, and the nippy winds of autumn start blowing through your summer apparel. In other words, now's the time to begin to think about what hairstyle (or styles) you're gonna rock come fall.

You have enough time to grow out your hair, to re-dye roots, or to think long and hard about what shape is most appropriate for the colder months — so if you're wondering what retro hairstyles are going to be trendy this coming fall/winter, then here's what you need to know.

Long Central Parts

They were rad-city in the '70s and they're back with a vengeance: it's the inseparable combo of long hair and a defined central part. This look does require medium-long to long hair, so you'll want to break out your growth serums and keep an eye on split ends, but if you can get the length, this look will keep you at the top of the trend without requiring really any effort at all except brushing your hair.

If you get tired of all that long hair blowing in your face during fall, try combining this look with another hair trend – a long, sleek, nape-of-the-neck ponytail, still parted in the center — for a look as wearable as it is fashionable.

Blow Dry

With the tapering off of the blow-out trend comes its softer sister, ready to take the spotlight: the blow dry. This look, which can be paired with nearly any length or color of hair, isn't quite as drastic as a blow-out but still adds lift and volume. This late '60s-inspired look is a bougie take on rebellion, giving an air of the rebel without a cause without going overboard.

As both middle and dramatic side parts are in this fall/winter, feel free to combine either — or alternate between both — with the blow-dry look for truly forward-facing retro fashion.

Clumped Hair

If you think grunge was dank in the '90s, get ready for this dope look to surge back into high hair fashion. Permanently wet-looking hair with shaggy, almost unkempt front bangs are back and better than ever this Fall/Winter season, ready to step off the runway and onto the leaf-covered streets of your favorite haunts.

As with any grunge trend, this hairstyle is best paired with messy ponytails and black hair — just don't forget the devil-may-care expression and the complete first season of Friends on VHS.

Visit a local barbershop to get the new trendy style that works for you. 

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