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Pros And Cons Of Balayage Highlighting

Years ago, if you wanted your hair highlighted, your stylist would select strips of hair and color those strips a lighter color. Today, however, there is a newer option for highlighting that is becoming more popular: balayage. This technique involves dragging the dye from the top to the bottom of the hair with a brush. It results in a more natural progression of color from the top of the head, where it's darker, to the bottom of the head, where it's lighter. Balayage has a lot of fans, but it is not for everyone. Here are some pros and cons to consider before you choose this option.

Pro: You don't have to keep up with balayage as often.

Because your hair is left its natural color on top, it's not very obvious when your highlights have grown out a little. As such, there's no need to touch up your style every 6 or 8 weeks as you need to do with highlights. Go in for a touch-up every three or four months, and you should be good to go. This saves you time.

Con: Balayage is expensive.

The technique takes stylists some time to learn, and it is also time-consuming to apply to your hair. As such, balayage is not a cheap process. You'll pay significantly more for balayage than for traditional highlights. However, since you need to have your hair done less often, the price may even out in the end.

Pro: Balayage looks more natural.

Instead of having your hair two colors -- a highlighted color and your natural color -- balayage allows a gradient of color. Your stylist can bleach some areas a bit more than others, so your hair has more of a natural progression in shade. This all results in a more natural, flowing look than you get with regular highlights.

Con: Balayage is easy to screw up.

Make sure you go to a stylist who has plenty of experience with balayage. Ask to see pictures of their work before you agree to have them work on your hair. Balayage is pretty easy to screw up or do poorly, but if you go to an experienced stylist, your chances of a good result are much higher.

Is balayage right for you? Talk to an experienced hair stylist near you to learn more about the technique and how it might work for your unique hair length and texture. Reach out to a salon such as Posh Hair Spa & Waxing to learn more.

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how to protect your youthful glow

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