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Why It's Nice To Get A Professional Beard Shave Once In A While

Most men commonly shave their own beards. It's probably not practical to go to a professional every time you need to shave. However, there are some distinct benefits associated with seeing a professional for a beard shave every now and then. Here are a few key reasons why it's nice to have a barber shave your beard at least every few months.

You get a closer shave

Even with the best razor and lots of practice, it's hard to duplicate a close, professional shave at home. You can't look at your face at the same angles as a barber, and you may not be able to adjust the angle of your razor precisely enough to get a really close shave around all of the corners and crevices of your face. The closer shave you get from a barber can be really nice before an important event or interview. It can also give you a good feel for what a really close shave is like so you can better seek to replicate that feeling as you shave your own face.

You can get shaving advice

As they look at your current beard growth, a barber can give you advice for shaving your beard more effectively, going forward. They may, for example, point out that you've been shaving too aggressively in one area, or that you have dry skin that may call for a different product to be used. Put this shaving advice to good use, and you can get better results at home between professional shaves.

You get styling advice

Would your face look better with a short beard, or with a little goatee? Should you grow a mustache? While you're being shaved, you can ask your barber questions like this, and they can weigh in. They've likely seen hundreds if not thousands of faces, and they can tell you what tends to look best on customers with your face shape and personal style.

You get to relax

Sitting down and letting someone else shave your face is simply relaxing. It feels good to be pampered and to know that you're taking care of your body very well. You'll likely leave the barbershop feeling cared for and gain some confidence, which will serve you well in the workplace and in your social life.

While you may not want or need a professional shave several times a week, you should certainly seek one out on occasion. 

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